Diversity Initiatives Grant Information

The Office of Equity and Diversity and the Diversity Initiatives Review Board (DIRB) are pleased to provide an easy online application process! The updated guidelines include elements of The University of 51视频 Strategic Plan - along with a scoring rubric for applicants to consider when creating a diversity project. The DIRB will meet in November and April to review and consider applications. You may submit an application anytime during the year.


Commitment to Diversity Education

The University of 51视频 values diversity as a critical and integral part of its mission. It is the intention of the University Administration and Board of Trustees to promote initiatives that energize the commitment to diversity inclusion, provide opportunity for inter-cultural engagement as well as expand opportunities for multicultural experiences for our community. The Office of Equity and Diversity oversees, supports and sponsors the development and growth of diversity awareness education programs that promote inclusivity and incorporate the foundation of the University’s new strategic plan: our community, our core and our commitments. Applicants are encouraged to consider these principles when drafting proposals.

Rubric used by the Diversity Initiatives Review Board

All project proposals will be evaluated and scored based upon the following criteria. Applicants will be given a score of up to 10 points in each category, for a maximum of 40 points.
The highest amount of points will be given in each category as it satisfies the following elements: 
  • Proposal and Funding Model: Proposal is clearly defined, exemplifies one or more of the above-referenced goals and objectives, and contains abundant strategies to support implementation; funding model is realistic.
  • Measurable Impact on Community Learning: Proposal is likely to have a significant educational impact on a large portion of the population and seeds innovation. Applications must include a draft of the survey and/or assessment tool that will be used to measure the impact/response of the audience.
  • Collaboration: Proposal includes significant collaboration across multiple disciplines, and/or with community partners, and showcases diversity as part of the educational experience.
  • Project Promotion: Proposal demonstrates clear identification of target audience and effective and/or extensive marketing strategy for recruitment of participants.
In the event there are a number of proposals with tie scores, the review board may award up to 5 points for proposals that include a diverse speaker, collaborator, or presenter.

Diversity Initiatives Grant Award Winners

Diversity Initiatives Grant Awards
Marie Karam 2015-2016 TA Talks  $2,500.00 Completed
Huey Shi Chew 2015-2016 Global Insights $2,400.00 Completed
Rebecca Dalgin 2015-2016 Eric Arouz, disAbilities Conference evening keynote $2,500.00 Completed
Susan Mendez 2015-2016 Roberta Villalon, researcher: Immigration, Domestic Violence and the Latina Population  $2,100.00 Completed
Delicia Alarcon 2015-2016 Festival of Nations $2,500.00 Completed
Patricia Wisniewski- Beading Hope Std. Club  2015-2016 NAMI "In Our Own Voice" with Kerry Bentler        $450.00 Completed
Marzia Caporale 2015-2016 18 IUS, Soli film director $550.00 Completed
Julie Schumacher Cohen 2015-2016 Global Tastes                 $1,250.00 Completed
Patricia Cummings - Irish Student Club 2015-2016 Potato Mash in celebration of St. Patrick's Day                    $750.00 Completed
Linda Ledofrd-Miller 2015-2016 Spanish Guitarist - Paulo Soler $1,000.00 Completed
Jessica Nolan 2015-2016 Border Crossers - Discussing  $1,500.00 Completed
Justine Johnson 2015-2016 Safe Zone Facilitators $1,500.00 Completed
Elizabeth Rozelle 2015-2016 Lindsey Pollak - "Becoming the Boss" Career Diversity Training $1,000.00 Completed
Jose Sanchez 2016-2017 Denice Frohman Slam Poet $1,000.00 Completed
Jose Sanchez 2016-2017 Frank Little Bear Presentation Celebrating Native American Culture $750.00 Completed
Jose Sanchez 2016-2017 1st Annual Global Food Bazaar $1,500.00 Completed
Justine Johnson 2016-2017 Global Solidarity: Human Trafficking Awareness $2,500.00 Completed
Justine Johnson 2016-2017 Safe Zone Workshop Materials $600.00 Completed
Hannah Jackson 2016-2017 11th Annual World Languages and Cultures TA Talks $2,450.00 Completed
Marzia Caporale 2016-2017 Blaxploitalian Film Screening and Discussion with African-Italian Director Soli $700.00 Completed
Sufyan Mohammed PRSSA Student Club 2016-2017 Emotional Suffering Education Summit $2,500.00 Completed
Cathy Seymour 2017-2018 Justice on Tour Students Faculty and Staff $1,600.00 Completed
Jamie Trnka 2017-2018 Guerilla Girls $1,100.00 Completed
Rebecca Dalgin 2017-2018 disAbilities Conference evening keynote presentation:  RJ Mitte $2,500.00 Completed
Amy Hoegan 2017-2018 Realities of Immigrating $2,000.00 Completed
Maria Marinucci  2017-2018 Safe Zone Curriculum Updates $1,440.00 Ongoing
Susan Mendez 2017-2018 Visit with novelist Angie Cruz, class visits and campus presentation with readings, Q&A. $2,000.00 Completed
Hannah Jackson 2017-2018 TA Talks Sp 18 $686.64 Completed
Sondra Myers 2017-2018 History Matters: Adwan Lecture, Schemel Forum $1,000.00 Completed
Jose Sanchez 2017-2018 Screening of Latinos Beyond Reel, w/ Dir. Miguel Picker $550.00 Completed
Rebecca Dalgin 2018-2019 Working Through the System with Bern Gavlick and Bill Ziegler $2,500.00 Completed
Maria Marinucci, Michael Ritterbeck, University Programming Board 2018-2019 Screening and Discussion of  The Hate U Give $1,400.00 Completed
Hannah Jackson 2018-2019 TA Talks Sp 19 $1,500.00 Completed
George Gomez- Asia Student Club  2017-2018 Holi Festival of Colors $2,500.00 Completed
Jose Sanchez  - United Cultures Organization Student Club 2017-2018 Festival of Nations $1,500.00 Completed
Yamile Silva 2016-2017 Women in Mariachi Music: Flor de Toloache's performance $2,500.00 Date TBA
Maria Marinucci  2017-2018 GaySL The Intersection between LGBTQ and Disability $1,673.36 Date TBA
Gunjan Bansal 2018-2019 Inter-disciplinary Collaboration Enhancement Initiative $400.00 Date TBA
Sufyan Mohanned PRSSA Student Club 2018-2019 National Organ Donor Competition and Awareness Event $2,350.00 Completed
Janette Scardillo 2018-2019 Intersections of Sexual and/or Gender Minority Identities: Ethical and Legal Discussions for the Health Professional $1,350.00 Completed

Christina Lenway,

Mary Ellen Pichiarello

2018-2019 Preparing for Success: Minds, Hearts, and Classrooms $1,500.00 Completed
Ann Pang White - Asia Club 2019-2019 Diwali/Navratri $800.00 Completed
Ann Pang White - Asia Club 2018-2019 Holi Festival '20 $1,300.00 Canceled
Ana Ugarte 2018-2019 Se Habla Espanol Dance Nights $900.00 Fall & Spring 19-20
Jose Sanchez 2018-2019 Festival of Nations '20 $2,000.00 Canceled
Teresa Grettano 2018-2019 On Her Shoulders  Film Screening and Discussion $2,090.00 Completed
Jennifer Rose Pennington 2018-2019 Royals Respect Preventing Sexual Misconduct $2,200.00 Completed
Hannah Jackson 2019-2020 TA Talks 20-21 $1,800.00 Postponed to Spring 2021
Kimberly Pavlick 2019-2020 Women in Government Celebration $2,500.00 September 17, 2020
Maria Marinucci 2019-2020 Safe Zone Training Expansion $1,400.00 Ongoing
Susan Mendez 2019-2020 Author Ernesto Quinones $2,500.00 Postponed until Spring 2021
Hank Willenbrink 2019-2020 Play:   Men on Boats $1,000.00
Billie Tadros 2019-2020 Meg Day Poet and Deaf Consumer $2,500.00
Lauren Rivera 2019-2020 We Are 51视频  Student Video $500.00
Catherine Seymour 2019-2020 Justice on Tour Fall 2019 $350.00
Virginia Picchietti 2020-2021 Black Italians#Digital Culture in Contemporary Italy


Julie Schumacher-Cohen 2020-2021
Faculty/Staff Workshop: Community Based Learning as a Critical Pedagogy
$1,500.00 Completed
Elizabeth Garcia 2020-2021 Faculty/Staff Webinar: A Call to Conversion: Eliminating Anti-Black Racism as a Jesuit, Catholic University $1,250.00
Tara Hamilton-Fay 2020-2021 Me and White Supremacy: Book reading followed by guided dialogues, for administrators, faculty and staff. $1,500.00
Summer/Fall 2021
Maria Marinucci, Jose Sanchez 2021-2022 ROCK Program - Royals of Color  Kickoff Welcome events supporting new students of color at 51视频. Programming will continue through the arye. $2,500.00 2021-2022
Jennifer Rose Pennington 2021-2022 The Lenape: Past, Present and Future, a presentation by Curtis Zunigha $763.30 Nov. 30, 2021
Ann Pang-White
Asia Club
2021-2022 Diwali/Navratri Festival $1,500 Oct. 22, 2021
Maria Marinucci, Jose Sanchez 2021-2022 ROCK Program - Royals of Color  Kickoff - Fall 22 $2,500 Fall 22-Spr. 23
Ann Pang-White
Asia Club
2021-2022 Holi Festival $2,500 Apr. 23, 2022
Jose Sanchez
Spanish Cultural Club
2021-2022 El Carnaval $2,500 Apr. 30, 2022
Jose Sanchez
United Cultures Organization
2021-2022 Festival of Nations '22 $2,500 May 6, 2022
Susan Mendez 2021-2022 Mariana Ortega: Listening to Sorrow in Border Cantos $2,000 Dec. 1, 2022
Darlene Miller-Lanning 2021-2022 Mayan Narratives: photo gallery and lecture by Byron Maldonado $2,000 Nov. 2022
Julie Schumacher-Cohen 2021-2022 Indigenous History of the Lackawanna River Valley, visit and community keynote with Curtis Zunigha $1,980 Mov. 16-18, 2022
George Auliso,  Black Student Union 2022-2023 Black History Month on Film $2,500 Feb. 2023
Hannah Jackson 2022-2023 World Languages TA Talks, $2,100
Spring 2023
Darlene Miller-Lanning 2022-2023 A New Understanding: Paintings by Travis Prince - first Friday Artwalk and student lessons $2,300
Feb. 2023
Kimberly Pavlick 2022-2023 Fair Play, film screening and discussion on International Women's Day $545
Mar. 2, 2023
Jose Sanchez
United Cultures Organization
2022-2023 Festival of Nations '23 $2,500
May 3, 2023
Julie Schumacher Cohen 2023-2024 Christians & The Middle East $2,250
Nov. 14, 2023
Ann-Pang White/ Asia Club 2023-2024 Diwali/Navratri Festival $1,500
Nov. 2023
Ann Pang-White/Asia Club 2023-2024 Feminism Expo $1,200
Apr. 2024
Jose Sanchez 2023-2024 United Colors Organization Campus Dinner Dance $2,500
Spring 2024
Darlene Miller-Lanning 2023-2024 Call to Action Poster Workshop and Opening  by Wixdsm $2,500
Spring 2024
Jose Sanchez/ALAS Student Club 2023-2024 El Carnaval $1,370
Spring 2024
Jose Sanchez/ United Cultures Org. 2023-2024 Festival of Nations $2,500
Spring 2024
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